Start with a
sound strategy.

Successful project delivery starts with a sound strategy and making sure that the fundamentals are in place. For Cyrcorp, the strategy is set in motion from the moment you start to articulate your idea.Our process follows similar rigour no matter what the scope looks like.

We take the time to set the right strategy, educate all stakeholders on the risks and potential challenges of the project so that we can develop an effective mitigation approach, and get the right partners to the table to execute successfully for the project’s KPIs.

Our work spans across three distinct areas of focus:



Successful project management requires strategic leadership in developing the feasibility of a project, planning and communicating the project’s phases, and managing logistics to make sure we deliver on our measures of success within our constraints of time and budget.


Risk management

Planning for risk gives us the best opportunity to develop strategies to mitigate it. It is critical to spend time in each project finding vulnerabilities and mapping scenarios for risk management and resolution. We also have expertise in mitigating risk in existing projects.


INVESTMENT management

Capital management and cash flow is the lifeline of a project. Ensuring your project is structured in a way that gives you the best ROI means success for the project as well as the investment stakeholders.