Capital is the lifeline of every project.

We’ve got deep relationships with project owners, investors and land developers. These relationships allow us to be proactive in being part of the financial strategy for major projects. 

During the strategic planning of major projects, we pay careful attention to how we’re structuring these capital expenditures and how cash flow will allow the project to move at a healthy pace to completion.


We partner with expert teams of lawyers and accountants to ensure alignment between the investor’s goals and the project. Our network includes experts that can assist investors and project owners who haven’t established their own team. If you’ve already got a team, we’re happy to join the conversation.

This unique point in a project’s lifecycle means that you can rely on Cyrcorp to assist with a range of investment management services.




Project Feasibility and Market Assessment

Cost Planning, Benchmarking and Pro-Forma Development

Financial Modelling and Quantitative Analysis

Capital Investment and Asset Management

Project Investment Reviews and
Partnership Opportunities

Investor Representation