When we work on projects
in varied industries, we learn the nuances that come with each one. 

We can integrate these learnings into our processes and ensure that our depth of knowledge across these industries continues to grow and brings even more value to our long-term partners.

Our team’s combined years of experience means we have developed expertise in the following industries.

Commercial office

We’ve worked on projects that are transforming the skyline. Whether it’s an interior rebuild for a commercial office, or a ground-up structure, we have the expertise to work with architects and interior designers to manage commercial projects of any scale.


Industrial warehouses need special considerations based on the contents of the warehouse and the type of business in operation. Our risk management expertise is an essential part of successful industrial warehouse projects.


Municipal projects require a customized level of reporting detail, ensuring that limited resources are being maximized and that processes are properly followed throughout the project lifecycle. We’ve worked with municipalities on infrastructure projects that have allowed us to understand how the project planning and reporting needs to be developed to deliver the highest value.


Projects for educational institutions often have unique considerations – varied funding models, strict timing considerations, older structures or occupied buildings throughout phases of the project. This impacts our risk mitigation strategies, project phasing and safety protocols. Having the right team for education projects ensures that these factors will be considered prior to starting any project. 


Retail structures need to be built in consideration of the neighbourhoods they occupy and the adjoining businesses. We work with retail developers to ensure a smooth project delivery with minimal disruptions to its surroundings.

& High Rise

Building communities to live in requires the utmost care. We work on projects that improve the quality of life of its occupants, and challenge the status quo on how homes and communities are imagined.


These projects are for the most precious clients – those working to save, improve and preserve lives. There is a complexity in healthcare projects that requires unparalleled expertise in budget management, project planning, safety, and reporting.

What’s more fun than starting with a blank slate? Land and site development brings out creativity in all of the stakeholders, and is an opportunity to bring unique partnerships together to dream up something new.

Land & site

These projects make up the foundation of a municipality. Working on transit & infrastructure projects is a team effort and the right protocol needs to be developed in order to ensure success and minimizes disruption citizens and other stakeholders.

& infrastructure

The energy & industrial sectors require specialized knowledge of materials and how they interact. Understanding the safety & risk factors of these projects helps keep its occupants and surroundings safe.

& industrial